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The Best Amusement Parks In America

So winter is long gone, and summer is here! It is pleasant, smells fresh and calls for a bright day out with family and friends. The first thing idea to make optimum use of the sunshine galore, that floods our mind is to schedule a picnic or plan a vacation somewhere in the mountains. However, if you are accompanied by serendipity and good fortune, you could even plan a trip to America, live the American dream and frequent the best amusement parks that America brags of. Therefore, without much ado, let us enlighten ourselves about the best amusement parks and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


A name that comes to our mind the moment we think of America is Disneyland, well, after The Statue Of Liberty of course! It would not be an exaggeration to think of Disneyland and America as synonyms, and for a good reason. Otherwise known as the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ Disneyland Park is located in Anaheim, California and serves as a home to a perfect amalgamation of classic as well as contemporary rides. You could unleash the nerd inside you by enjoying the Star Wars themed clips, on the Hyperspace Mountain, which is known to be the park’s hotspot;  or enjoy a ‘Jack Sparrow’ moment on the Pirates of The Caribbean boat cruise. All things said and done, this piece of marvel conceptualized and designed by Walt Disney takes the first spot on this list.

Universal Studios

Now I have always been a sucker for Harry Potter and everything even remotely associated with the name. Thus, I know how a quintessential Potterhead would feel when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter suddenly becomes all too real. Universal Studios situated in California is a dream come true for all the Hollywood nerds and film enthusiasts. From a tour of the Jurassic Park to a ride on the Hippogriff, Universal Studios has more than what one could ever fathom. Witness a T-Rex wrecking havoc in the park or enjoy some butterbeer, Universal Studios shall never fail to entertain you!

Magic Kingdom Park

Enfolding Cinderella’s castle, which is the signature of every movie under the banner of Disney, Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World is a part of Disneyland. It is situated in Lake Buena Vista and has been known to play host to a swarm of tourists smitten by the magical world of Disney, every year. The Space Mountain forms the hottest ride in the park and is a holy grail to all the thrill seekers out there. Also, make sure to try out the Splash Mountain if you want a surge of adrenaline rush pumping through your veins.

So, the next time you plan for a trip to America, make sure that you visit these very best amusement parks to churn memories, enough to last a lifetime. America is known as the superpower not without a reason, and these aforementioned amusement parks are just a few among the many others, that give a person a taste of the much sought for ‘American Dream.’