Fun and Friendly Masks for Kids

Children don’t have to be completely bummed out over the coronavirus. This is especially true for young people who travel to theme parks. The following information is going to show you how to sew fun and friendly masks for kids. This way, your family can safely travel to theme parks for some well needed family fun and recreation.

Sew a Fun Kid’s Mask Designed from CDC Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommendations for sewing your own mask. We’ll modify their recommendations so you can make a fun and friendly mask for your little ones.

1. The medical community states that cotton and chiffon or cotton and natural silk are the best materials for creating masks. These fabrics are not only comfortable on a kid’s face, but they are also very effective for stopping droplets from spreading. These materials can be found at a local material shop or at large retail outlets that has an arts or crafts section for sewing and other related projects. You can also order these materials from online retail outlets.

2. Try to find the previously mentioned materials with kid related characters on them. These characters can be sports heroes, sports teams, cartoon characters, superheroes and villains or popular educational characters. Remember if you’re making a fun mask for kids, then it should have a festive and entertaining vibe.

3. Get other items for your mask. You will need: two 6” elastic rubber bands, cloth strips, hair ties or some type of string. You will also need needle and thread, scissors, and your sewing machine. Once you have your materials, you are ready to begin your project.

4. Cut your material into two pieces. The pieces should be 10” by 6” rectangles. Don’t forget that the ( “ ) is a symbol for inches. You will sew both pieces together to make one mask. Make sure the pieces are even as possible. You should also be mindful how the outer part of the mask is going to look. Also, you can decide if you want to sew two different pieces of material together or if you want to use two pieces of the same material to make the mask. However, you don’t have to combine two different types of materials together to make a mask.

5. At this point you’re going to fold the long side of your material over 1/4 – inch and hem.

6. You will then fold pieces of your material over ½ inch along the short sides of the mask. Start to make a downward stitch after you make your fold.

7. You will need to take your 6” elastic piece and run it through the wider hem on both sides of the mask. Remember, the 6” sides of your material square will be the side of your mask. This will be along the short side of the mask. This will be the sides of your mask that will make ear loops. You can your needle or even your bobby pin to thread it through. Once you get your elastic pieces through on both sides, they will be used to secure the mask onto your ears.

8. Finally, make sure that your hems are good so that the mask doesn’t break or tear apart. You should also adjust the mask so it can fit securely around your face. Once you make these adjustments, your mask should fit over your face. You also might have to stitch the elastic or band to the mask to keep it from slipping from off your face.

Quick Bandana Styled Masks

This type of mask doesn’t have to be sewn but you can stitch it to make it more secure.

1. Take a bandana and fold it in half.

2. Next, fold the bottom of the bandana up about halfway and the top part of the bandana down about halfway. Your bandana should now be one long strip.

3. Place two rubber bands or hair ties about 6” a part on the strip.

4. You should fold both sides of to the middle and tuck one side into the other. You can also stitch the tucked sides to keep them in place

5. Now, you can place the mask on your face.

The main thing to keep in mind is that sewing together a mask is not a difficult thing to do. Once you catch on to the process it will be a breeze to quickly and easily make your own masks. Kids are going to need masks when they travel to theme parks during this pandemic. Having the knowledge to sew them masks is a good thing. Your kids and you can flatten the curve while having fun by simply wearing festive and friendly masks.