Theme Parks with the Best Toilet Paper

Theme Parks with the Best Toilet Paper

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You will find the latest on water slides, what to wear or bring and how to get the most for your money. For example, we tell you to ditch those tight jeans when getting on any roller coaster. We remind you to charge your electronic devices beforehand and make sure you have a time and place to meet your friends or kids at the end of the day. We cover new rides and say goodbye to those leaving this land.

Vacation time is fast approaching and it could be the right time for a look at There is nothing you cannot find out about your favorite destinations, even the status of the restrooms. In fact, we get pretty detailed and might even cover the best parks for toilet paper softness. No kidding.

Let me give you a hint here. Many theme parks, especially in the US, pride themselves on their superior facilities. Those with clean-as-a-whistle toilets and two-ply paper include Disney World, Disneyland, Epcot, Hershey Park and Knott’s Berry Farm. I know you are objecting and have other places like Dollywood and SeaWorld Orlando, but my five really stand out. If I took a poll, I bet the results would tell the same tale.

I can’t prove it but take my word for it that the toilets are among the most modern and they don’t skimp on the quality of the paper. I suppose they save a bundle by buying in bulk and I can’t name the brands, but they are soft and sufficiently thick. Too many theme parks use one-ply TP as a way to save some cash. If you spend $100+ on a ticket, you should get something that won’t give you with a rash!

Maybe this is more than you care to know, but believe me, when you are on vacation, comfort counts. When in doubt, bring your own toilet paper just in case. My top theme parks have busy attendants run around to replenish supplies.